Frequently asked Questions

General information you should know before booking and traveling with Trans Anguilla Airways.

What is air charter?

When you charter an aircraft, all the seats belong to you and your party. As opposed to buying a ticket on a scheduled carrier, air charter allows you to set your own schedule.

What are the advantages of a private charter?

The main advantages of a private charter are convenience, service, fun (limos are better than buses, no?) and many times in the Caribbean, there is no other easy way to get where you're going. TAA 2000 Ltd isn't late, we don't overbook and we have never lost a bag.

Why is air charter expensive?

It isn't really, if you remember that you have chartered all the seats on the aircraft. If you fill all the seats on your charter (or even most of them), you will find that the price per seat is not that much higher than the scheduled carriers. And you have the convenience, extra service and enjoyment of flying in your own aircraft on your own schedule.

Why does the charter company need to know passenger and baggage weight??

The aircraft used by TAA 2000 Ltd have a maximum useful load which is divided between passengers, pilot, baggage and fuel. To carry more of one thing there must be less of another. The operations department needs to know these weights in order to make sure the aircraft is properly loaded and within its maximum weight envelope.

How can we pay for an air charter flight?

We accept Visa, MasterCard & Amex credit cards, bank wire transfers, Scotia Bank deposits where available. In order to hold a reservation, TAA 2000 Ltd must receive full payment at least thirty days before the charter.