Charter Flights

Travel Information

General information you should know before booking and traveling with Trans Anguilla Airways.

We will confirm departure dates and times based upon availability. When this is confirmed, we require passenger names and passport information to make the booking. We may also request passenger body weights and luggage weight depending on how many persons are on your charter. Payment is required to secure and confirm all bookings.
We encourage all customers to ensure that you receive a receipt for all exchange of monies that does not accompany a document showing proof of payment. Please note that all private flights booked not secured with payment, your unsecured slot can be available for booking.

*Please note that some routes by regulation require us to perform a touch and go at our home base*

Private Charters

Our operations monitor and track your international arriving flight. Average transfer time is 1 hour to 1 hour and a half after disembarking a non-affiliated Carrier/International flight. Because transfer is from one airline to another you are required to re-check-in with our handlers who will be expecting you and take you to through this process. Ramp transfers for Private Jets are available (Immediate transfer, no entering the Airport terminal; please request for liaison with the subsequent FBO Handler) Trans Anguilla makes every effort to operate on-time. We cannot be held liable for the inconvenience of missed-connections, meetings, events or required overnight hotels stays, meals etc due to delays caused by e.g bad weather, air traffic congestion, airport employee strikes, security delays, airport closures or any other which is deemed outside of the Company’s control.

Scheduled service

If you are arriving on an international flight to connect with our scheduled service, please indicate this when booking. Please know that regular service flights can change or be cancelled at the Airlines discretion. We will not be responsible for missed connections.

For Hub Airports like in St. Maarten and Antigua some persons like to be expedited and assisted where possible and or by preferential choice may requests the following: VIP service – All Immigration and Customs processes are done for you. Please check VIP service rates on the Private charters page.
Arrangements can be made for an unexpected surprise for a special someone. Champaign, flowers etc. This service is available at an additional cost.

Private Charter

Departure flight times are scheduled in accordance to meet with the international 2 hour check-in times for all international flight connections. If you are privileged to pre-check in with carryon or hand luggage only your departure time from your departure destination can be reduced to an hour and a half. For no connections, it will be an available departure time that best suits the customer.

Private Charter

TAA check-in time is 1 hour when departing from large international Airport hubs and 45 minutes for Smaller Airports prior to your departure time.

Scheduled Service

1 hour and 30 minutes

Scheduled services

Minors are children aged 5 to 17 years. Because of legal requirements and the need to complete certain documentation it is not possible to book an Unaccompanied Minor using the online booking system. An unaccompanied minor form is provided and is required to be filled by an adult responsible for the child at check-in; a fee of US$25.00 is payable. This procedure is mandatory and is applied for a child between 5 and 14 years old, not accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. For children over 14 UM requirement fees and information is at the discretion of the airline. A consent form must be filled by the parent.

    Parents or guardians must arrange:
  • The necessary travel documents;
  • For an authorized adult on departure to stay at the airport until the flight is airborne;
  • For an authorized adult upon arrival to be at the airport at the at least 10 minutes before the time of arrival (contact details of the person must be provided for our reservation records)
  • Pay all costs involved in return transportation (meals, accommodation, ground transport, return fare, etc.) in case the authorized adult fails to meet the UM upon arrival of the aircraft.

Children fare

Trans Anguilla child fare for children age 2-17years is the adult fare. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to travel unless accompanied on all flights by a Parent or Legal guardian.


TAA fee for Lap Infants 1 week to under two years old that does not occupy a seat is 10% of the an adult fare. If an infant must occupy a seat (6-23 months), him/her must be seated in an international approved car seat. If an infant is younger than 6 months they must be on the lap of an adult. The infant fee cannot be booked online; it can only be applied by an Agent, so please contact us.

Women over 8 months of a healthy pregnancy and complicated pregnancies over 7 months are required to have a doctor letter declaring them fit to travel.

Restrictions apply to the items you can bring on board your flight.

There are items that cannot be placed in baggage with you in the passenger cabin but can be packed in your check in baggage, and then there are those items that are not permitted on any flight.

Dangerous articles in hand baggage
    The following items are seen as potentially dangerous and cannot be carried in your hand baggage:
  • Toy or replica guns (plastic or metal)
  • Catapults
  • Household cutlery
  • Knives with blades (of any length), Paper knives/letter openers
  • Razor blades
  • Darts, Sporting bats, Billiard, snooker, & pool cues
  • Christmas crackers (while not allowed in hand baggage, if boxed these may be included in check in baggage)
  • Scissors (except those with blunt or round-ended blades less than 6cm in length)
  • Matches
  • Hypodermic syringes
  • Tradesmen's tools

Articles banned from all baggage

    Safety considerations mean the items listed below (and other similar items) are not allowed in your baggage at all, whether hand baggage or check in baggage:
  • Cigarette lighters with a blue flame and cigar lighters, including butane, absorbed fuel (Zippo style) and battery powered and novelty lighters
  • Safety matches*
  • Party poppers
  • Compressed gases, whether deeply refrigerated, flammable, non flammable or poisonous - such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen and aqualung cylinders
  • Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell batteries
  • Explosives - fireworks, flares, sparklers or other explosives of any kind
  • Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter fuel, paints, thinner and firelighters
  • Radioactive material
  • Briefcases and attaché cases with alarm devices installed
  • Oxidizing material such as bleaching powder and peroxides
  • Weapons such as disabling sprays - tear gas, mace, pepper spray and so on
  • Firearms and ammunition**
  • Poisons and infectious substances such as insecticides, weed killers and live virus materials
  • Solids such as carbon dioxide and solid dry ice
  • Other dangerous articles such as magnetized, offensive or irritating materials
  • Lithium batteries and E-cigarettes.

If you are unsure about any item please contact the airline. While these items are prohibited in hand baggage or hold baggage, some can be carried as cargo. Please contact the airline.

Private Charter

All animals (including guide/assistance dogs) must be in an appropriate kennel. This will be placed in the baggage compartment immediately behind the rear seats. A responsible person must travel on the aircraft with the pet.

To ensure the pet or animal can fly on the aircraft and that the kennel can fit, all pets MUST be pre-booked, providing information on the nature, size and weight of the animal as well as the dimensions of the animal container. The appropriate veterinary evaluations and clearance paperwork is required for the pet to travel and must be presented to Customs on arrival.

You must have a correctly sized container or your pet may be refused for travel. All pet containers for air travel must be in accordance with Air Transportation Association specifications. For more information can visit website at

Shared Charter

Pets are allowed subject to this being agreed by all parties on the flight.

Scheduled Service

No pets allowed on scheduled service flights.
Travel Documents

All passengers must have a valid passport. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that they have in their possession the correct documents needed for travel to any destination. Passengers are advised to print out a copy of their itinerary as Immigration officials may require proof of a return ticket on arrival.

Visa Requirements

Visa restrictions may apply based upon the nationality of the passport you hold. It is the passenger responsibility to check the Entry and visa requirements for the country they are travelling to. The Anguilla Visa requirements list provided is the correct list at the time of publishing. Visa regulations are subject to change, we are not responsible for any changes or updates thereafter, so please inquire with the appropriate authorities before making travel arrangements.

Anguilla Visa List

Passenger taxes and fees

Airport authority passenger fees and/or taxes may apply when flying to certain destinations and in certain circumstances. All government departure taxes are payable by the passenger at the Airport on departure before going through the security process and some the Airline is required to collect from the customer (the amount for these fees are provided with a quote).

Airport Operational Fees

Early morning charter requests available 15 minutes before 7:00 am is an additional charge of US$100.00 Contingent upon the time of year flights in the late afternoon may be subject to sunset operational requirements such as 2nd pilot fee and/or Airport Operational fees of US$100.00 per hour after 7:00 PM (19:00 hrs) If there are unexpected delays with your international arrival flight, depending how late this may be passengers may be required to overnight and depart early the next morning according to availability.

Private Charter

Change requests maybe applicable to a fee of US$300.00. All changes are subject to availability.

Scheduled Service

TAA does not over sell flights. Should you need to change your itinerary, it must be done 3 hours before departure. Change of dates, are subjected to a cancellation of US$25.00 and date change fees of US$45.00 per person. Less than 3 hours prior to departure, your ticket is considered used and is not eligible for change or credit. Similarly, should you not show for your flight, your ticket is considered used and is not eligible for change, or credit. The amount originally paid will be applied to the purchase price of the changed itinerary. If changing to a different destination fare differences may apply. If you wish to change the name on your booking this is subject to a US$25.00 fee per name.

Should you need to cancel your reservation, you may do so at least 24 hours prior to departure. You will be given credit in the amount paid for future travel on TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS, subject to a USD $100 cancellation fee per person, each way. Persons eligible for credit towards future travel must use the credit for travel within 2 months of the original travel date or credit would be automatically cancelled, credit towards future travel is subjected to applicable fees.

Cancellation Policy





Carry on hand bags or hand luggage is limited to one piece and should not weigh more than 6 lbs (2.72 kilos) and be sized to the width of your lap or fit comfortably under your seat. Baby/care items is accepted.


No one piece of baggage shall exceed 70 lbs / 32 kg and must fit into the hold door. • Baggage must be within overall dimensions (length + width + height) of a total of 62 inches. Any piece with overall dimensions in excess of this total will be considered as oversized/bulky.

Any baggage weight not adhered to or in excess as stipulated by our limitations. TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION or Delivery of such baggage. The maximum luggage weight allowed for private charters: Please note depending on the number of adult passengers and weight of luggage, you will be required to charter 2 aircrafts.

  • 8-9 persons – 300 lbs (136 kilos)
  • 6-7 persons – 400 lbs (180 kilos)
  • 1-5 persons – 500 lbs (225 kilos)

Baggage allowance can vary. please contact us to verify weights. Scheduled Service All of the above applies to scheduled service flights. The maximum luggage weight allowed per passenger is 35lbs (15.90 kilos). Any weight exceeding this amount per passenger is charged at US$1.00 per over. The amount of excess luggage allowed to travel with a passenger will be determined by a Trans Anguilla Agent. Overweight baggage unable to travel with a person will be sent on the next available flight according to availability/Standby basis. ANGUILLA AIRWAYS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY OF UN-ACCOMMODATED EXCESS BAGGAGE. .

Checked baggage may be claimed only by the holder of the baggage claim check. Baggage will not be released unless all sums due TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS are paid. Baggage claim checks must be returned to TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS on request. TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS is not responsible to determine that the holder of the claim check is entitled to the baggage. If baggage claim checks are lost, proof of ownership may be required prior to release of the baggage. Acceptance of baggage by the bearer of a claim check without filing a written complaint shall constitute evidence of delivery by TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS of your baggage, with all original contents, in good condition

TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS, Does not lost luggage. If your checked baggage does not arrive with you at the airport from your international arrival flight in time for your private or scheduled flight, please let us know and we can advise you where possible in getting your luggage; this must be done before leaving the Airport. In our advice to you please note that we will not accept responsibility for the onward transportation of baggage.

If your luggage has been damaged, you must notify a Representative before leaving the airport. Based on the extent of your damage, we will take a report. A written claim must be submitted within seven (7) days.

Please note: Except where it can be proved there has been negligence or intent to cause damage, TAA assumes no liability for normal wear and tear including damage such as scratches, scuffs and dents to bags, damaged or missing wheels, feet, extending handles, pockets, locks, zippers, pull straps, or other exterior parts or damage due to over-packing, manufacturer's defects and as a result of the bag's contents. Additionally, the airline is not liable for any damage resulting from inspections by the authorities responsible for searches and security screening. TAA will not accept claim for damage (to repair and replace) if the baggage tagged is "Limited Release Tag"; also, damage resulting from over-packing or over weight will not be covered (own risk).

For most international travel (including domestic portions of international journeys) the liability limit is approximately $9.07 USD per pound ($20 USD per kilogram) for checked baggage and $100 USD per passenger for unchecked baggage (IF attributable to the negligence of the carrier) unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. In addition, TRANS ANGUILLA AIRWAYS liability is limited to 35 pounds (15.90 kilograms) ($317.50 USD) per checked bag.

All items that are not perishable or a standard letter envelope document are taken into Customs custody and will require Customs declaration documents provided by us before it can be collected. Items must be properly packed to prevent leaks and damage to the item and the aircraft. All contents accepted for transport are governed by the Dangerous goods list.

Trans Pak Rules

All packages not accounted for as passenger luggage will be classed as a Trans pak. All packages are transported to its destination according to flight routes and passenger & baggage loads.

IMPORTANT: You must report any Loss, Damage to your packages within 24 hours of receiving your package.