Our Aircrafts

General information you should known before booking and traveling with Trans Anguilla Airways.


The Islander is one of the best-selling smaller commercial aircraft produced in the United Kingdom. Adaptable, versatile and durable, dependable and safe, it has an unsurpassed record of solving transportation problems simply and economically. Nine seats, twin engines and a design driven by the requirement for ease of operation provide exceptional levels of utilization. Constant refinement ensures that the Islander continues to excel in modern-day roles.

Specs: 3 – BN2 Islander 300 HP,
Seating Capacity – 9 persons, Max Speed – 165 MPH,
Cruising Speed – 155 MPH, Range – 565 NM


Light twin piston engine aircraft with the durability and safety features of the islander. It’s faster with more room.

Specs: 1 – Cessna 402C, Seating Capacity – 9 persons,
Max Speed – 266 MPH, Range – 1,467 NM

Aircraft Maintenance

Since 2000, Trans Anguilla Airways Engineering’s Department Gumbs Aircraft Maintenance Limited (GAML) does all the maintenance on our aircrafts. Accredited with being the first company in Anguilla to receive PART 145 maintenance licensing, the airline adheres to the highest international maintenance airworthiness regulatory compliance requirements.

Our GAML staff with over 30 years of aviation experience includes a Quality Manager, Chief Engineer, mechanics and duplicate inspectors. The team is responsible for regular scheduled maintenance checks and follow-ups. The strictest standards are practiced to ensure the safety, longevity and quality of optimum performance. The organization specializes in BN-2 Islanders and a range of Cessna type aircrafts. With our ability to comply with the stern requirements we are certified to provide and offer maintenance services to external customers.

Maintenance oversight is provided by the UK CAA licensing department Air Safety Support International [ASSI] who provides supervision and annual audits.